Tova Raykin

Tova is a native Sydneysider who called Melbourne home for a while before packing her bags to live in New York City. She refuses to comment on which city she prefers, but suffice it to say that she misses being close to the Ocean yet loves being able to do whatever, whenever, practically 24/7. She is a Graphic Designer in her other life - her work can be found here. Follow her @imtova

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Rememberance poppies at the WW2 War Memorial in Canberra

For some of us expats, every day is a great opportunity to show our Aussie pride. Then there are the Australian holidays, the events that give us a chance to get together with other expats, celebrate the familiar and let our guard down. ANZAC Day in the USA is one such day. While the day [...]

Sydney vs New York

Moving overseas can be expensive, but the last thing you want is to discover your hard-earned money doesn’t stretch very far once you’ve settled into your new home. We all know that Sydney’s a pretty expensive place to live, but just how does it compare to one of the US’s most bustling cities – New [...]

Marieke Hardy's latest book, 'You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead', is currently available.

You may remember her from mornings on Triple J, her countless Australian Television writing credits or her recently published book, You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead. Right now, however, Marieke Hardy is bringing her so-called ‘literary salon,’ Women of Letters, to New York City. The show, which has been developed along with writer Michaela McGuire, [...]

The Secret Life of Us Joins Aussie lineup on hulu

We look at the Aussie programming now available to watch via streaming site Hulu, including this popular drama.

ktsongbook web banner

Those of us who came of age in Australia around the turn of the millenium will remember fondly the plethora of great Aussie bands of the time. One such band was george, the band that Katie Noonan started with her brother, Tyrone Noonan.

Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy ask Hillary Clinton questions during her global town hall.

On the eve of her retirement as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton offered people around the world the opportunity to ask her questions as part of a Global Town Hall on Tuesday. Hosted by Australian journalist Leigh Sales, the Town Hall attracted a multitude of questions and important commentary. Those interested can view the Town [...]

In a proud year of Aussie Oscar nominations, Australians have taken out top honours in the prestigious Hollywood awards. Hugh Jackman and Naomi Watts have been nominated as best actor and actress for the movies Les Miserables and The Impossible, respectively. Also nominated this year was experienced Australian actress Jacki Weaver for her second consecutive [...]

Aerial shot of Sydney's 2013 fireworks as televised by Sky News

The countdown is over, and 2013 has begun. And as we return to the normal grind (and for most of us, sub-zero temperatures), here’s something to keep the moment alive: The 2013 New Year Fireworks in your Aussie city. What better excuse to count down and pop the bubbly again? Melbourne’s 2013 Fireworks: Perth’s 2013 [...]

Aussie Gift Tote

We all know that winter in the USA, for an Aussie, is a different experience to what we’re used to. Under the threat of real snow, warm food and all of those rich Christmas treats that are stories away during December in sunny Australia, holiday time in the USA takes on a brand-new face. Holidays [...]

Vince Collosimo stars in a recurring guest roll in Series one of Underbelly

It’s the series Australia’s been talking about, and it’s now finally available for US audiences exclusively on Netflix.