Cheer on the Aussies in the 2012 Olympics…from the USA!

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The Australian Olympic Team at the Olympic Village in London. Picture via Australian Olympic Team Facebook Page

The London 2012 Olympics are finally upon us, and we’re gearing up for a huge year with basketball star Lauren Jackson at the helm as the Aussie flag bearer.

For those of us in the United States, watching the Olympics can be a little bit complicated. First of all, we don’t have immediate access to the big Australian events and commentary. In America, the exclusive rights to the Olympics rests with NBC, a free-to-air channel that can be accessed via cable, satellite or set-top box. While cheering on US athletes is encouraged too, there’s nothing like being able to join some fellow Aussies in an historic Olympic moment. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to Aussie Olympic watching from the USA.

The opening ceremony will air on NBC tonight at 7:30pm. A lot has been kept secret about the event, but the producer of the event, Danny Boyle, has said he’d be honoured if it was compared to Sydney’s “people’s games” opening ceremony.

NBC has chosen to tape delay both the opening and closing ceremony in all time zones, and will have the main events displayed on a prime-time delay schedule. If you want to get in on the Olympic action as it happens, the best place will be the NBC Olympics website, where an international live stream will be available 24 hours a day to those with a cable, satellite or Telco subscription.

There is an Australian Olympic Team app that you can download to your iPhone or Android device for the latest breaking news. It covers every sport and event, so it will be great to keep with you while cheering on  the Aussies during the competition. Download it here.

And for those who absolutely must hear the commentary, we’ve been tipped off that you will be able to access Australian radio channels via TuneIn. So as long as there is no time delay on the event you’re looking for, you might be able to sync your audio and visuals to at least mimic an Aussie experience.

As great as these options are, there’s nothing like watching the games with fellow expats at venues around the country. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide for doing so, with venues and a schedule for optimal viewing pleasure. We’ve split this post into three sections, so be sure to navigate through each of them.

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To download our guide of the must-watch Olympic Aussie events, go directly to our Olympic schedule page.


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