Construction of the Human Heart by Ross Mueller Opens in NYC

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Construction of the Human Heart

Construction of the Human Heart opens in NYC on Friday

He’s a prolific contemporary Australian playwright, and from this Friday NYC audiences will have the opportunity to see one of Ross Mueller‘s plays, Construction of the Human Heart, at the Access Theatre.

The play is being produced and directed by a group of talented New York-based artists who have been working hard to bring Mueller’s plays to New York for the better part of two years. The play follows a couple – known simply as “him” and “her”, who are both playwrights dealing with the loss of their young son the only way how – by using their art to help them overcome their emotions.

We spoke to Rebecca Leifman, the producer of the play, who kindle offered a reader of Ustralian two tickets to Friday night’s US premiere reception and event. All the details on how to win are below.

Ustralian: When did you first discover the play, and what drew you to it?

Rebecca: Brendan Naylor, the director, discovered the play.  He found the Australian play database online and someone recommended he read this and another of Ross’ other play, Concussion.  We particularly liked Construction of the Human Heart because there isn’t any other medium in which the story can be told.  It has to be a play. The play is written in a beautiful contemporary poetic way and reading it is almost as exciting as seeing it.

What prompted the decision to bring the play to NYC?

Brendan and I had gone to school together at Syracuse University and were interested in putting on a play together.  He sent me the script (as he had known about it almost 2 years) and I loved it.  Together, we decided it needed a life in New York. Ross’ work has been done so little here.

Tell us a little bit about the backgrounds of the production and direction team.

The production team comes (originally) from all over; we’re young professionals living and working in New York.  We work day jobs in our fields and are coming together in our spare time, using our skills we’re currently learning, and applying them to produce a piece we are all very passionate about.  All bios can be found here:

How difficult has the journey been?

The journey has certainly  had its ups and downs.  Of course, the tiniest of productions in New York require a great deal of fundraising.  Luckily, our designers and marketing team are so wonderful and what they have accomplished with little is beyond admirable.  In terms of the language and structure of the play, there are  a lot of decisions to make.  It has been a fun challenge and the choices made I think (but, of course, I’m biased) are strong ones.  Another thing that greatly helps the play is the venue, The Access Theater Gallery.  It is a loft 4 stories high with huge windows that really create the atmosphere of the play.  Here’s a video about the actors talking about the play and their experience with the work thus far:

Are there any other Ross Mueller plays that your group are interested in bringing to the USA?

His plays are wonderful and we would be honored to get the chance to produce another.

Tickets for the play, which is currently in previews and runs from September 7 – September 16, can be purchased here. Find out more information about the play via the production’s website.

If you’d like to win two passes to see the play and attend the opening reception, simple comment on this article in the comments below. You can also comment on our facebook page or send a tweet about the play to @ustralian. The winner will be announced on Thursday, September 6 2012.

Find out more about the play in the video below: