Craig Ferguson Initiates ‘War on Canberra’

by on April 13, 2012 · 1 comment

Ajay Rochester and Mardi on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show

Ajay Rochester and Mardi on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show. Photo: CBS/The Late Late Show

[UPDATE] Guy Pearce has written a letter of apology to the Canberra Times since the segment below aired, noting that “what I said doesn’t even reflect my true feelings. I actually really like Canberra … so I’m so sorry for being such a d***head.”

In a recent episode of The Late Late Show on CBS, host Craig Ferguson initiated a series of jokes about Canberra – and Canberra’s not too happy about it.

The show, which aired Tuesday night, began with two audience members plucked onto the stage from the front row. One was former host of The Biggest Loser (Australia), Ajay Rochester. The other, her friend, was known only as Mardi and hailed from Canberra.

Canberra then became the butt of Ferguson’s jokes, with Ferguson noting that “even Australians, diehard patriots of the lucky country, say Canberra is a [CENSORED] dump.”

In true Ferguson fashion, the expletive was edited out with an Australian flag and the words “crikey dingo.”

The episode (and Canberra-bashing) continued with guest Guy Pearce. When asked by Ferguson if he was wrong about Canberra, Pearce answered “No, no, there’s a lot wrong about Canberra but you’re not wrong about Canberra.”

The sentiments have gone so far as to warrant response from the acting director of ACT tourism, Ian Hill, who noted that this might be a call to arms for Canberra supporters to get involved via social media.

On Thursday night’s episode, Craig Ferguson also made a quick joke about Oz during an interview with Judd Apatow, noting that in Australia, The Coriolis Effect applies to certain parts of the male anatomy.

The ‘Canberra-bashing’ episode can be viewed in full here. (US residents only).

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    Canberra, has been the butt of many Australian jokes – nothing new