Gift Ideas For Friends and Family Back Home: Cancer – June 22 to July 22

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Jute Storage Basket, AUD $24.95

Its time to show your loved ones back in Oz born between June 22 and July 22 that overseas does not mean overlooked!

Gift giving is a great way to strengthen relationships, especially if you are an expat and so The Art of Gift Giving have utilised their specialised knowledge to compile this Gift Guide for Cancer, making the task so much easier!

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Cancer – the crab – is a water sign. People born under this sign are are imaginative and intuitive, shrewd and cautious, protective and sympathetic. Cancerians are also nurturing and nostalgic, valuing tradition and keeping family values close to their hearts. Typically Cancerians are strongly governed by their memories, living intensely in the past through these memories. This can make them sentimental, therefore any gift with personal meaning would be considered especially thoughtful – think photos, personalisation and the times you have shared together.

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As much as Cancerians may live in the past through their memories, they also utilise their active imaginations to ponder the future. Their active imaginations also make Cancerians very creative, so stimulate their creative juices with a DIY gift – crafts, art or a project for their home.

For Cancerians their home really is their ‘nest’ and the Canecrian you know will surely exhibit ‘nesting’ attributes – Cancerians are usually conservative and home-loving, needing a place where they can retreat from the stresses of life. A ‘nest’ really is the best way to describe a Cancerian home as they are usually more geared towards comfort and being a place for the family, rather than a showcase for visitors. Thus, a gift that makes their house a home and promotes this comfy vibe will be well received. Think cozy and homey  - antiques, family heirlooms and comfort foods.

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If you are stuck on the colour of the gift to get, you should know that the star sign Cancer is ruled by the moon, and so all moon-related colours will appeal to a Cancer – silvers, creams, pale colours, especially white. White is the colour of intuition, potential, knowledge and wisdom.

White also represents romance and romantic expression, thus it is no surprise that the life of a Cancerian is filled with much romanticism. Whether it is their love of fantasy, their ardent support of a particular sporting team or their days spent trawling antique stores or vintage markets, this romanticism pervades every part of the Cancerian life.

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Likewise, the birthstone for Cancer is the pearl – a gem that not only exudes all sorts of romantic connotations – lengthening life and instilling courage – but in the range of translucent, shimmery, pale colours and sphere-like shape it is a perfect motif of the moon. Jewellery containing pink pearls will particularly appeal to the Cancerian desire for a comfortable life.

But if you really want to impress the romantic Cancerian in your life with a ‘gift of a lifetime’ you can’t go past a holiday to one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Cancer:

  1. NESTJute Storage Basket, AUD$24.95
  2. IMAGINATIONDesign and Print Your Own Magnets, AUD$19.95
  3. WHITEAirplane Card Holder, AUD$25
  4. MEMORIESMy Life Story – 100 Year Diary, AUD$79.95
  5. VENICEMoleskin City Notebook: Venice, AUD$17.50