Kiwi Expats in the USA

Hey Kiwis.

It’s not that we don’t love you, but we’re pretty sure you’re sick of being tacked on to every Aussie site out there. That’s why we’ve designated this site as being primarily for Aussie expats in the USA.

We’re sure there’s still some great, relevant antipodean content on our site for you, so we still welcome you to become a subscriber (all the relevant info on following us is to your right.)

However if you’re looking for some great kiwi-specific stuff, here are some things you might want to follow:

The Choice List - if you’re in New York City (or even if you’re not), The Choice List is a great guide to Kiwi life in the USA. Featuring music, art and more, you can get updates on what fellow New Zealanders are up to, turn up and support them.

DUB Pies – Down Under Bakery Pies are a slice of good old-fashioned Kiwi meat pies in NYC. Located in Brooklyn, the pies are so good that we think they’re some of our faves in the city. They make a mean Flat White as well, and ship pies all over the USA (or deliver them if you’re local)

New Zealand Embassy in the USA - good for official stuff and some news and events

Kiwis in America – Great site with some more links to other kiwi sites of interest.

The Kiwi Club of New York - A non-profit association which promotes cultural, educational and business contacts between New York and New Zealand. Founded in the late 1980′s and Incorporated in 1994, the club holds social events throughout the year and, where appropriate, works with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and the New Zealand Consulate, in their support of Kiwi products and enterprises in New York.

Are you interested in starting a website for New Zealand expats in the USA?

We’d love to help you start a similar site to ours focusing on content for New Zealanders only. You’ll need to have some experience in online publishing for it to work, plus have some free time and a commitment to growing and nurturing the site. Get in touch with us at and we can talk about setting your site up for free.