Missy Higgins Releases New Album, Embarks on US Tour

by on July 2, 2012 · 3 comments

Missy Higgins has returned to music, and is about to play a run of shows in the USA

She took a break for a few years, but Aussie singer-songwriter Missy Higgins is back in the spotlight and is about to embark on a bunch of dates in the United States. She’ll play three shows in July in support of her new album, The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle, which was recorded in Nashville along with fellow Aussie, Butterfly Bouchier. Then, she’ll be heading back to the States in August to open for our own new superstar Gotye.

Higgins quietly took some time off after her last release, On a Clear Night (2007). There were no formal announcements, but she made the decision to quit music and go back to University. She enrolled in an Aboriginal Studies course, lived in a sharehouse and traveled for a while. It was only after being requested to take part in the Lilith Fair festival in the USA that she decided perhaps music was her true calling.

“I got asked to do 5 shows on the Lilith Fair tour during my uni holidays in the middle of 2010″, says Missy. “I’d always wanted to see that festival as so many of my favourite artists had played on it. All the shows they wanted me to do were within driving distance of a friend’s place in Brooklyn where I could stay so I decided to just do it as a working holiday. It had been over a year since I’d played a show anywhere and I almost chickened out at one point but as soon as I finished the first song it just felt great. I walked away from that gig kicking myself … “what the hell was I thinking?!  I love playing music.”

In a note earlier this year to her fans, she said the following:

“A lot has happened over the last few years, I actually thought I’d quit music for a while there, but of course my heart found that I couldn’t beat without it. I eventually recorded this album in Nashville, Tennessee, with fellow Aussie Butterfly Boucher and Nashville producer/engineer Brad Jones and as you’ll no doubt hear, we had a lot of fun being creative in the studio. That was our only vision, really: to be totally free and to have fun.”

“As for the songs, everything I have experienced over the last few years: the ups, the downs, the uncertainty, the questioning and all the lessons learnt have made it on to this album. There are a few songs that touch on struggling to juggle the ‘performer’ side of things with the personal, and how that led to feeling as though I had metaphorical rock stuck in my throat for a long time; there is a song about my beautiful grandma, a song of frustration at the world’s leaders, songs about an electric kind of love, heartache, desire, and the journey back to my estranged, yet only true love: music. The parody of the ‘entertainer’ is explored on many tracks, thus the album is called The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle. It’s a bit tongue in cheek, you could say.”

“Anyway, I guess it took walking away to realise how truly grateful I am for everything, to refill the creative well, and hopefully make my most creative album yet.”

Her first show in the USA is her record release party on July 8 in Nashville. She’ll follow that up with shows in New York and Los Angeles and then return for the full run of dates across the USA with Gotye. As you know, Gotye’s shows are pretty popular, so if you want a chance to see this unique Aussie talent, buy tickets straight away.

Missy Higgins Tour Dates:

July 8 – Nashville, TN – Record Release Show

July 17 – New York, NY

July 19 – Los Angeles, CA (Sold Out)


Supporting Gotye and featuring Jonti:

August 22 – Morrison, CO

August 24 – Chicago, IL

August 25 – Milwaukee, WI

August 26 – Minneapolis, MN

September 22 – Boston, MA

September 25 – New York, NY

September 29 – Camden, NJ

September 30 – Columbia, MD

October 1 – Raleigh, NC

October 3 – Nashville, TN

October 4 – Tuscaloosa, AL

October 5 – Atlanta, GA