Anzac Day

Rememberance poppies at the WW2 War Memorial in Canberra

For some of us expats, every day is a great opportunity to show our Aussie pride. Then there are the Australian holidays, the events that give us a chance to get together with other expats, celebrate the familiar and let our guard down. ANZAC Day in the USA is one such day. While the day [...]

This morning's Anzac Day Dawn Service in Battery Park, NYC. Photo credit: Simon Cousins

On the 25th of April, in the year 1915, a large contingent of Australian and New Zealand soldiers put ashore a mile south of their intended landing site on modern Turkey’s Gallipoli Peninsula. This full-frontal assault was a key tactic in Winston Churchill’s strategy to open a passage to the Black Sea for the naval [...]

The Bible that saved Lance-Corporal Elbas Jenkins life by shielding his heart from a bullet. Sadly, Lieutenant Jenkins died after surviving the entire Gallipoli campaign.

Under intense bombardment at Gallipoli in 1915, Lieutenant Elvas Jenkins was struck over his heart by shrapnel from an exploding shell.  He would have died instantly, but the bullet struck the Bible he carried in his shirt pocket, saving his life. Lieutenant Jenkins survived the entire Gallipoli campaign but died a few months later on the [...]

Traditional Game of Two-Up. Photo by Tova Raykin

Being an Aussie expat means many things, but most importantly it means getting together to celebrate our national heritage and culture whenever possible.

Unisphere in Flushing, NY: Photo by Rafe Baron

As ANZAC Day approaches, there are several events throughout the States to honor the troops that served Australia and New Zealand.

High Highs at Pianos in February: Photo by Rafe Baron

Mid-April seems a bit slow for Aussie music that isn’t Gotye, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do across the country.

Kimbra at Fader Fort Presented by Converse SXSW. Photo by Rafe Baron

Things are a little bit less hectic this week than last week, but there are still events galore that are worth checking out.

Anzac Biscuits, traditionally made to celebrate Anzac Day, might be in short supply this year

There might be a shortage of Anzac biscuits while the company producing the historic snack is placed in administration, according to a report on While those expecting the branded, pre-packaged biscuits on to be on the shelves before Anzac day on April 25, the worst hit will be the Diggers – the RSL normally [...]