Still from Saturday Night Live: Australian Screen Legends: copyright NBC

With a city trying to rebuild and recover after Hurricane Sandy, Saturday Night Live aired as planned with its patented irreverent skits, hoping to cheer up those who were able to watch. Hosted by comedian Louis C.K., the show started out with a parody of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s press conferences during the hurricane. [...]

Pam Ann returns to New York City in "Cockpit"

SHE’S BACK! Pam Ann returns to New York City after a whirlwind world tour from London to Tel Aviv and even her native Australia. Pam Ann will be purser to her new show “Cockpit” at the XL Cabaret Lounge and nightclub. I was fortunate enough to catch her last layover in NYC at the Triad [...]

Agro, the star of Agro's Cartoon Connection

Kids growing up in the 80′s and 90′s had a few bits of solid gold TV to turn to, but nothing was ever as pervasive as Aussie morning kid’s TV which consisted of classic cartoons and advertising for Vegemite, Nescafe and Milo.

Eric Bana's first role, and the one he's best remembered for: Poida.

As box office smash The Avengers continues to take over the country, we can’t help being reminded of our favourite portrayal of The Hulk in Hollywood. Not because the movie was particularly good, but because it starred one of our favourite Aussie actors, Eric Bana.

Ajay Rochester and Mardi on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show

[UPDATE] Guy Pearce has written a letter of apology to the Canberra Times since the segment below aired, noting that “what I said doesn’t even reflect my true feelings. I actually really like Canberra … so I’m so sorry for being such a d***head.” In a recent episode of The Late Late Show on CBS, [...]

High Highs at Pianos in February: Photo by Rafe Baron

Mid-April seems a bit slow for Aussie music that isn’t Gotye, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do across the country.

We'll miss her - Pam Ann plays her final show of her February residency this month at the Triad in NYC

Pam Ann, the air hostess comedienne to the stars (Elton John and Madonna have been counted among her fans), is touching down for a month-long residency in New York City. We caught up with Pam during her whirlwind tour preparations to ask her about being a filthy b*tch, her cure for jet lag (not for [...]