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If all else fails - have an Aussie junk food pig-out! // Image by Saskia Feain

Although traveling or moving abroad can be one of the most exciting experiences you might do in your life, it does come with one distinct downside – homesickness. No matter what your reasons were for leaving Australia, your career, to join family members, studying abroad, or experiencing life in another country, chances are that you [...]

Moving to the USA requires a lot of job considerations.

Preparing yourself for a move to work in the United States is an exciting prospect. Some people jump in, get on their flight, and sort things out Stateside. Winging it requires a high tolerance for uncertainty as well as an advanced sense of adventure. For many, having a game plan, some careful preparation and a head start on networking [...]

Moving your stuff from one part of the globe to another can be a stressful experience. Here are some tips to get you through.

If you are moving from Australia to the United States, thorough planning can help avoid some common pitfalls.  Some of the biggest problems that you will encounter involve logistics – getting everything (or most of it) from here to there.  The earlier you begin your planning, the smoother and less frantic the move will be.  [...]

Copha - perfect for chocolate crackles - available from our Aussie Marketplace now

This week’s been a busy one for us: we’ve managed to launch a bunch of new features for Aussie expats across the country. Among them: Classifieds, The Aussie Marketplace, Expat Advice and The Local.

Navigating the pre-school system in a new city can be daunting. Here are some tips to make the job a little easier.

Getting into kindergarten in New York City is such a convoluted process it has it’s own season. Admissions season kicks off shortly after the school year begins in September and runs parents through a series of applications, tours, testing deadlines and interviews for around five to nine months,