New York

Rememberance poppies at the WW2 War Memorial in Canberra

For some of us expats, every day is a great opportunity to show our Aussie pride. Then there are the Australian holidays, the events that give us a chance to get together with other expats, celebrate the familiar and let our guard down. ANZAC Day in the USA is one such day. While the day [...]


The Melbourne Cup will air in the USA on Monday, November 5 2012. Find out where in the USA you can attend an official Melbourne Cup event, and how to watch it live yourself at home.

Missy Higgins at Le Poisson Rouge: photo by Rafe Baron

It was a steaming hot night in the middle of New York City’s last heatwave, but that didn’t stop a sold-out crowd from attending Missy Higgins’ performance in New York’s Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village.

Mia Dyson at Spike Hill, Brooklyn: photo by Rafe Baron

New York’s Spike Hill is a small, intimate venue in Williamsburg, but when Mia Dyson took the stage , the room became overwhelmed with the sounds of an artist much bigger and better than the room itself.

Kevin Jackson and Lana Jones in Dyad 1929 (Infinity mixed bill). Photo by Lisa Tomasetti

50 years isn’t a long time in the life of any country, but when compared with Australia’s short history, it seems like a lifetime. Since the middle of last century, our isolated country at the end of the world has come into its own, becoming a more contemporary player and a renowned world player in [...]


I had been in New York a few months when I read an article, somewhere probably very reputable, that a woman in Manhattan can expect to be hit on about 10 times a day. She may have been waiting in line for a pretzel, browsing Barnes and Noble or even walking her dog, but whatever [...]

Good coffee's easily found in Australia; but in the land of bodegas and drip coffee?

It’s your Monday morning Aussie invasion roundup and, like most of the time, it includes Aussies flocking over here because of the high exchange rate (for now), and the popularity of flat whites. In a Case of DUH – we Know This Already A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald notes that the New York invasion of [...]

Pam Ann returns to New York City in "Cockpit"

SHE’S BACK! Pam Ann returns to New York City after a whirlwind world tour from London to Tel Aviv and even her native Australia. Pam Ann will be purser to her new show “Cockpit” at the XL Cabaret Lounge and nightclub. I was fortunate enough to catch her last layover in NYC at the Triad [...]

Right, Matt Bishop and Left, Jen Breach at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) festival in New York City.

Over the last two weeks, the Aussie Caravan of Comics have been invading North America, taking part in both the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) festival and the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). After stopping by their busy table at the MoCCA festival in New York, we caught up with Matt Taylor, one of [...]


If you venture into New York’s Guggenheim Museum, you’ll find an exhibit by famed abstract expressionist sculptor, John Chamberlain. What you won’t find, however, is a reinterpretation of the exhibit (which is largely comprised of works from automobile parts) as characters from the popular cartoon series, Transformers. For that, you have to go online – [...]