Darrell Lea in the USA: photo by Tova Raykin

Darrell Lea For Sale Much beloved Australian licorice and chocolate company Darrell Lea has been placed into voluntary administration and is up for sale. Potential buyers from Australia and elsewhere have already put in bids to purchase and save the company

Melbourne Earthquake survivors have told of soft drinks falling and 30 seconds of light-to-medium vertigo. Thankfully it was not worse.

Largest Earthquake In a Century Hits Melbourne A 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck Melbourne, Victoria yesterday. The quake, which lasted 30 – 40 seconds, hit around 8:55am and was felt from Wangaratta to Harrietville.

Emotional Pat Farmer plants Red Cross flag at South Pole // Photo Credit: Keoki Flagg

Just in time to make us really feel lazy for giving up on our new year’s resolutions, former federal liberal MP Pat Farmer arrived in the South Pole on Wednesday after he began running from the North Pole last April.

Australian and United States Army personnel inside a Bushmaster, the same vehicle that was attacked.

Australian Government Department of Defence Release —Two Australian soldiers, one from Mentoring Task Force – Three, and one from Mentoring Task Force – Four, were wounded in action yesterday (Friday, 13 January 2012) when the Protected Mobility Vehicle (Bushmaster) they were travelling in was struck by the detonation of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Uruzgan province.