Former AFL star Warwick Capper, and his glorious mullet. // Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

The AFL Grand Final. The last time I had the good fortune to be at the event, soaking up the sun at the city end of the MCG, was 2006. I was there to watch the Swans go for back-to-back premierships. Short story: they lost. And I stood there in the fading light and cried. [...]

The opening credits to Aussie TV's Romper Room, to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel."

Growing up in Australia during the latter part of last century was unique – and we’re big fans of documenting it here on Ustralian. Among some of the more interesting Aussie TV shows was Romper Room – which was actually a US TV show that was franchised and syndicated throughout the world.

Agro, the star of Agro's Cartoon Connection

Kids growing up in the 80′s and 90′s had a few bits of solid gold TV to turn to, but nothing was ever as pervasive as Aussie morning kid’s TV which consisted of classic cartoons and advertising for Vegemite, Nescafe and Milo.

A screen still from a Gloweave advertisement from 1964. Source: brisrangakid/youtube

While the new season of Mad Men gives everyone 1960′s advertising nostalgia here in the USA, today we look back at the early days of television advertising in Australia with great fondness (and a slight smirk).

Michael Tunn on The Afternoon Show

The year is 1991. A 17 year-old Michael Tunn has just taken over from James Valentine as host of The Afternoon Show. Australia still only has 4 broadcast channels on TV, so kids everywhere run home to switch the TV to channel 2 and stick themselves in front of the tele to watch Dr. Who, [...]


Cue the denture jokes, because Minties – the iconic Australian mint-flavoured lolly – is about to turn 90 and get chewier to celebrate. Although the confectionary hasn’t changed in all 9 of its decades, Allen’s brand owners NestlĂ© Australia have announced that the change is being made as a result of consumer feedback. Lisa May, Head [...]