Aerial shot of Sydney's 2013 fireworks as televised by Sky News

The countdown is over, and 2013 has begun. And as we return to the normal grind (and for most of us, sub-zero temperatures), here’s something to keep the moment alive: The 2013 New Year Fireworks in your Aussie city. What better excuse to count down and pop the bubbly again? Melbourne’s 2013 Fireworks: Perth’s 2013 [...]

Manhattan Skyline: photo by Rafe Baron

Brigid Delaney’s article in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald National Times did a great job describing why living in New York City can be more beneficial (and cost effective) than the big cities in Australia. According to the article, some 1500 Australians now arrive in New York each day to escape the economic barriers of Sydney for [...]

photo credit: David Clare/Vivid Sydney

If you’ve been seeing some amazing pictures of Sydney’s buildings and attractions up in lights lately, there’s no need to adjust your eyes. Since late May, Sydney’s been lit up and the city’s taken on new hues thanks to a program called Vivid Sydney. The event opened with a sold-out performance at the Opera House [...]


The world’s biggest short film festival known as Tropfest is making its American debut in New York City this summer, and filmmakers everywhere are getting ready.

Sydney. Photo by Rafe Baron

The first bi-annual Worldwide Cost of Living Survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit has just been released, noting that Australia’s cities are among the most expensive in the world.

Momofuku Seiōbo brings Chef David Chang's unique spin on classic Asian food to Sydney's Star Hotel & Casino. Joining Momofuku soon will be New York City's Marquee nightclub. Image Source:  {link:}{/link}

Roughly 5 months after chef David Chang expanded his culinary empire from New York City to Sydney, the news comes out that trendy Chelsea nightclub Marquee is opening in the same building. According to Eater NY, The Star Hotel and Casino will house both the Momofuku Seiōbo restaurant and the Aussie version of Marquee. Marquee, [...]