Things We Miss: Paddle Pops

by on August 16, 2012 · 2 comments

Paddle Pops in a box, with the popular Paddle Pop Lion visible on the bottom left.

[Update - 21 August, 2012] We’ve just been informed that as well as the change in size to the Paddle Pop, Streets have also just announced that the banana flavour recipe has changed. According to Streets, it’s for nutritional reasons: vegetable oil is gone from the ingredients, and the Paddle Pops now contain about 27% fewer kilojoules and 34% less saturated fat. Australians, tweeting under the hashtag #bananagate, have taken to twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with the new flavour.

As a child, there was something about a summertime stop at the local shops and the subsequent sweet, icy treat on a stick that came with it. Australia has a number of unique frozen confectionary treats, but none is more ubiquitous than the Paddle Pop.

Available in a number of different flavours (chocolate, choco-banana and rainbow were the most popular, from memory), the Paddle Pop was sweet, icy, fudgy and really, really delicious.

And while many Aussie favourite Ice Creams are easily available Stateside, it seems that Paddle Pops are a product that hasn’t seemed to be replicated. Sure, there are fudge pops and ice cream pops and the like, but none come close to the creaminess of the classic Paddle Pop.

According to the Wikipedia entry for the Paddle Pop:

From its launch in 1953 by Ronald Street,  the popularity of Paddle Pops mean that it is one of the best known brands in Australia. It is Streets Icecream’s biggest volume item with $70 million annual turnover.

In 2010, Streets reduced the size of the paddle pop by 15%, ostensibly to make it healthier. However general consensus was that this was a measure to combat food inflation.

Regardless of the move, as we continue to swelter here in the Northern Hemisphere during the final days of summer, we pay homage to the humble Aussie Paddle Pop.

Have you found a good Paddle Pop substitute, or is there an item you really miss? Add your response to the comments below.

  • Kate

    BBQ Shapes! I get my mum to bring a few boxes every time she visits. Also Cheds and aussie Cadbury chocolate.

  • Greg

    King Island cream.