Throwback Thursday: Before They Were Hunks

by on July 5, 2012 · 0 comments

Ryan Kwanted started out considerably less hunkier as Home and Away’s Vinnie. Source: screen shot.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but for Aussie actors who have become Hollywood stars, that somewhere is often the depths of embarrassing Aussie TV. Like it or hate it, our fave Aussie soaps – namely Neighbours and Home and Away - have often been touted for their cheesiness and tackiness over any suggestion that they’re well-written, well-acted or well-dressed.

Nevertheless, we (and a good portion of the UK) love our soaps, and they sometimes churn out Aussie personalities who make it big on the world stage. So, in this week’s Throwback Thursday, we look at some of the more humble beginnings of some of our famous Aussie Hunks.

Ryan Kwanten: From Home and Away Dork to True Blood Sex Symbol

Ryan Kwanten’s character on Home and Away, Vinnie, enjoyed a brief relationship with stalwart Sally (played by Kate Ritchie) before going off to get married and have a kid with Leah (played by Ada Nicodemou). His character in HBO’s True Blood is..well…different.

Chris Hemsworth: From That Other Guy in Home and Away to That Guy in Everything

2012 should be renamed The Year of The Hemsworth, but that won’t stop us from pulling out this video of him playing Kim in Home and Away. It really does speaks for itself.

Hugh Jackman: The Guy Who Can Do Anything

Hugh Jackman’s known for his talent: he’s just as popular for his steel-cut roles in movies like X-Men as he is for dancing and singing his life away on Broadway. So it makes sense that he did pretty well in the beginning,  starting out in Aussie soaps like Halifax F.P. and Blue Heelers after his breakout first Aussie role in short-lived series, Corelli (where he met his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness). Word is that he was offered a role in one of the major Aussie soaps, but turned it down for bigger and better (and more extensive) things overseas.