Throwback Thursday: The Legends in Our Lunchbox #3, Uncle Toby’s Muesli Bars

by on August 2, 2012 · 0 comments

Uncle Toby’s Muesli Bars – Crunchy Choc Chip

Back in the day, Aussie brand Uncle Toby’s had a penchant for getting athletes on board to spruike their sugar and fat laden “healthy treats” to parents and kids alike. In the 90s, the most memorable advertisements featured champion Olympic swimmers Kieren Perkins and Lisa Curry-Kenny, who used to tell us that eating Uncle Toby’s oats was great for you, would probably make you an Olympic swimmer, and was great for the economy because they were Australian owned.

When watching the above videos, please take a second to enjoy the early 90s graphics, fashion choices and production values:

If you were a muesli bar eater, you belonged to one of two camps: crunchy or chewy. Then you had to split that allegiance among choc chip and apricot. Later on, there were also yoghurt covered, berry flavoured and other concoctions (as well as the addition of Grant Hackett representing the company), but you could always tell a fellow muesli bar afficionado by their preference. For me, incidentally, it was crunchy apricot. There was something about the contrasting flavours that nothing has quite compared to since.

Though many granola bars in the USA claim to be a similar product, those of us who enjoyed the muesli bar will know there is simply no comparison. Thankfully, companies like The Aussie Food Shop ship worldwide, so we can enjoy the odd bit of crunchy-muesli-biscuit-like-deliciousness on occasion.

Was there a muesli bar that you enjoyed as a kid or adult alike? Which one was your favourite?