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Credit Card

The Social Security number, also known as an SSN, is one of the most valuable numbers you have in America . You use it to file taxes, you need one to work and it tracks your credit score and credit history. The Social Security Administration (SSA) issues SSN’s depending on your status in the United [...]

Lance Kalis and Ido Leffler Yes to Carrots

You may recognize the brand from a chain drugstore near you. What you may not know is that the story behind Yes To… cosmetics started in Sydney, Australia, and now finds its place across the globe.

Glenn de Vine in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory // Image courtesy Australia Unlimited

Welcome to the world of Australian Glenn de Vine, who works at NASA on the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) project, helping to develop tools for space exploration. For de Vine, the path to NASA has involved thousands of hours of dedicated research and hard work. De Vine originally studied Mechanical Engineering at the [...]

Pinion - an Aussie company serving up a seamless advertising experience while gaming - has just set up their US office after raising under $2 million capital

Aussie startups doing big things over here is nothing new, but this week, two companies have been in the spotlight because their innovation has piqued the interest of some big US investors. Sydney-based startup ScriptRock, which makes a niche product that helps IT administration by storing, sharing and testing server configurations, has just received an [...]

Australians are bringing their startup expertise to Silicon Valley. Photo by Ben Sullivan

Ben Keighran was just 22 when he packed up and moved to Silicon Valley. He’d already founded his own mobile messaging business, bluepulse, back in Australia at the age of 19. But it was in Silicon Valley that he thrived.

Sydney could become Australia's 'Silicon Beach' - a hotbed of creativity and innovation on our very own shores

For many of us, our path to the United States was about making a living doing what we do best in technology, fashion, the arts and much more in an internationally recognised arena. Now an opinion piece in the Canberra Times by Google Australia Managing Director Nick Leeder notes that there’s no reason this can’t be true [...]

Madeline Veenstra and Coen Hyde - finish caption

While she was still an economics student at the University of Queensland, Madeline Veenstra looked at Wikipedia and wondered why there wasn’t a central resource for fashion news.

Your W2 form is an important part of filing your tax return. It's the equivalent of the Aussie group certificate.

Today is Thursday, April 12th. This means there are only 4 business days to complete and file your US tax return before the IRS can come get at ya’. If you still haven’t filed your 2011 taxes, here’s some last-minute advice on getting them done – from some fellow procrastinators.

Wireless Router

Minister for Science and Research, Senator Chris Evans, today announced CSIRO had successfully settled litigation in the United States to licence the wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, invented in Australia in the 1990s. The WLAN technology was invented by a team of CSIRO scientists – Dr John O’Sullivan, Dr Terry Percival, Mr Diet Ostry, [...]


Microsoft has adopted software by Australian company CarbonSystems as its new global standard for managing energy, emissions and environmental performance reporting. CarbonSystems’ Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) is to be adopted across Microsoft’s global operations, comprising more than 600 facilities in over 110 countries. CarbonSystems is a global provider of enterprise cloud-based environmental and energy management software.The Sydney headquartered company [...]