The Latest Nostalgia in Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday, we write about something in Australian film, tv, food, books or culture that reminds us of when we were growing up. Whether it’s something we enjoyed at the milk bar on our way home from school in the 80′s or something we watched on ABC for kids, we keep it here so we can be transported back home – if only for a few minutes.

If you have something you think should be included in Throwback Thursday, feel free to contact us with your suggestion.

Paddle Pops in a box, with the popular Paddle Pop Lion visible on the bottom left.

[Update - 21 August, 2012] We’ve just been informed that as well as the change in size to the Paddle Pop, Streets have also just announced that the banana flavour recipe has changed. According to Streets, it’s for nutritional reasons: vegetable oil is gone from the ingredients, and the Paddle Pops now contain about 27% [...]

Uncle Toby's Muesli Bars - Crunchy Choc Chip

Back in the day, Aussie brand Uncle Toby’s had a penchant for getting athletes on board to spruike their sugar and fat laden “healthy treats” to parents and kids alike.

The opening credits for Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Screen shot sourced from YouTube.

During a recent conversation with a fellow Australian, the subject of Skippy came up. It was, essentially, Australia’s answer to Lassie - involving the tried-and-tested format of a young boy and his intelligent animal pal.

Play School

Continuing the kid’s TV theme from last week (and previous installments of Throwback Thursday), it’s time to turn to what’s undoubtedly Aussie TV’s most love kid’s show: Play School.

The opening credits to Aussie TV's Romper Room, to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel."

Growing up in Australia during the latter part of last century was unique – and we’re big fans of documenting it here on Ustralian. Among some of the more interesting Aussie TV shows was Romper Room – which was actually a US TV show that was franchised and syndicated throughout the world.

Ryan Kwanted started out considerably less hunkier as Home and Away's Vinnie. Source: screen shot.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but for Aussie actors who have become Hollywood stars, that somewhere is often the depths of embarrassing Aussie TV.


This week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the red noses ourselves, our cars and buildings wore ever since Red Nose Day began in 1988. A fundraiser for research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), every year on the last Friday in June Australians have raised money by looking ridiculous – but for a good cause. [...]

The great Australian Juice debate: Popper vs Prima vs Juicebox - most of the names were derived from the brand name or the 'popping' sound the container made. Popper vintage picture courtesy

This week’s legends in our lunchbox series focuses on those juice containers we couldn’t wait to get our hands on come recess.


When we were kids, our status was tied precisely to what greatness awaited in our school lunchbox. If The Tuck Shop was the Rolls Royce of lunches, a smelly egg sandwich was the wrecked-up 1979 Holden Torana of lunchbox fare.

Still from Mem Fox's Possum Magic

The recent passing of American author Maurice Sendak elicited mourning from adults the world over. Where the Wild Things Are was a beautiful children’s book, one which I certainly appreciated while growing up. But Sendak’s loss also caused a yearning for some of the quintessentially Australian children’s books I grew up with.