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Elouera Beach. Photo Credit: Rebecca Richardson.

Whenever I see that old Qantas ad with the schoolkids singing Peter Allen’s ‘I Still Call Australia Home’, I break into large, heaving, homesick sobs. Those words, the sweeping music, the images of the physical beauty of the country in which I spent most of my life – it’s the perfect combination to tug on [...]


Life in as an expat is different to how I thought it would be. Even in an English-speaking country, there’s always a period of adjustment when you move somewhere new. That’s completely normal. Life in the US is similar to Australia, but in other ways, it feels like a completely different planet. Simple tasks can [...]

Andy MacDowall and Gerard Depardieu star in the movie, Green Card.

The US Diversity Visa lottery is now open – and here are some tips and statistics to guide you along.

Moving to the USA requires a lot of job considerations.

Preparing yourself for a move to work in the United States is an exciting prospect. Some people jump in, get on their flight, and sort things out Stateside. Winging it requires a high tolerance for uncertainty as well as an advanced sense of adventure. For many, having a game plan, some careful preparation and a head start on networking [...]

Manhattan Skyline: photo by Rafe Baron

Brigid Delaney’s article in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald National Times did a great job describing why living in New York City can be more beneficial (and cost effective) than the big cities in Australia. According to the article, some 1500 Australians now arrive in New York each day to escape the economic barriers of Sydney for [...]

Moving your stuff from one part of the globe to another can be a stressful experience. Here are some tips to get you through.

If you are moving from Australia to the United States, thorough planning can help avoid some common pitfalls.  Some of the biggest problems that you will encounter involve logistics – getting everything (or most of it) from here to there.  The earlier you begin your planning, the smoother and less frantic the move will be.  [...]

Tips for renting your property back home

If you own a house in Australia and plan to move abroad for work or other lifestyle reasons, leasing the property while you are away is a great option to consider.

We've come a little way since the old brick cell phones

Yes, it’s 2012, and like it or not, phones are starting to become obsolete for social use. A quick text, facebook message or email will usually be sufficient to arrange a meeting or relay some kind of information, and it’s usually more convenient.