Rememberance poppies at the WW2 War Memorial in Canberra

For some of us expats, every day is a great opportunity to show our Aussie pride. Then there are the Australian holidays, the events that give us a chance to get together with other expats, celebrate the familiar and let our guard down. ANZAC Day in the USA is one such day. While the day [...]

Am I Black Enough for You - a novel on Aboriginal Identity by Anita Heiss

Dr. Anita Heiss is an author of both fiction and non-fiction works and also writes poetry, social commentary, and travel articles. She is a member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales and she travels around the world lecturing on Indigenous culture. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Heiss about [...]

Aussie Gift Tote

We all know that winter in the USA, for an Aussie, is a different experience to what we’re used to. Under the threat of real snow, warm food and all of those rich Christmas treats that are stories away during December in sunny Australia, holiday time in the USA takes on a brand-new face. Holidays [...]

The great Australian Juice debate: Popper vs Prima vs Juicebox - most of the names were derived from the brand name or the 'popping' sound the container made. Popper vintage picture courtesy

This week’s legends in our lunchbox series focuses on those juice containers we couldn’t wait to get our hands on come recess.

A Joey in a pouch (that isn't its mother's) at Down Under Fest 2012

Down Under Fest took place over Memorial Day weekend in Cumming, GA, and hundreds of Aussies, Americans, locals and travellers alike got to experience a taste of Aussie life in the American sun. On board were Aussie musicians, a petting zoo with kangaroos, a footy lots of Aussie food and gift vendors and plenty of activities [...]

Paul Killingley, in motion

Down Under Fest hits just outside of Atlanta this weekend, and the state of Georgia’s getting ready by tuning into all things Australian. To introduce the festival, Paul Killingley, an Aussie entertainer who plays guitar and didgeridoo, appeared on CBS’ Better Mornings Atlanta to talk about all things Australian – Vegemite, Lamingtons, and ‘chucking a [...]

Traditional Game of Two-Up. Photo by Tova Raykin

Being an Aussie expat means many things, but most importantly it means getting together to celebrate our national heritage and culture whenever possible.

Hot Cross Bun and a Flat White

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One ha’ penny, two ha’ penny, Hot cross buns! If you have no daughters, Give them to your sons One ha’ penny, Two ha’ penny, Hot Cross Buns! Who can truly forget the nursery rhyme we all learned at preschool each Easter as we sampled an authentic hot cross [...]

Babyccinos are causing a stir among coffee-sipping families.

Hot off the heels of all the recent buzz about Australian coffee shops in the USA, reports have been popping up that baristas at cafes in certain parts of New York City are making babyccinos available to their youngest customers, much to the shagrin of American Baristas. A product of Australian coffee culture (they’re available at [...]

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 5.23.25 PM

Remember those summer days when you could walk down the beach in sparkling budgie smugglers listening to LMFAO? Well Spandy Andy, star of the video below, makes us weep with longing for the good old days (and the beautiful St Kilda Beach). To the rest of the world, he makes every Aussie stereotype look fantastically [...]