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Above: Paul Hogan offering to throw another shrimp on the barbie, and below: Merrick Watts throwing another steak on the barbie in a revision of the 1984 advertisement.

Every single Australian expat has been taunted by one single expression, ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie.’ Hearing this gets the same reaction as say fingernails on a blackboard. For starters, they’re not even called shrimp. Thanks Paul Hogan.

Pavlova and Pumpkin Pie: recipe for a great Aussie Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving falls early this year – November 22, to be exact – but if you’re already a seasoned veteran of Thanksgivings past, you’ll know that preparation (and plenty of wine for those inclined) holds the key to a fun and food-filled American holiday.

Get an Aussie foodie fix in the Bay Area // Image by Saskia Feain

When you’re an expat, you end up craving the oddest things. And these things are usually the items that you cannot run down to the store and purchase. It requires a lot of forethought and coordination. Funny thing is that it’s not necessarily about consuming the item itself that stems the homesickness, it’s the connection [...]

Homschek and Fong in the NY location

Further evidence that the great Aussie meat pie takeover continues: Australian chain Pie Face today opens its second New York location – on the East side in Murray Hill. The store follows their pattern of opening locations close to some of Manhattan’s landmarks – the first, on 53rd and Broadway, takes up space next to [...]


It was a fun local establishment for this born-and-bred Bondi girl: a place in New York City to bring Aussie visitors for a trip back home, just for a second. But sadly, the Lower East Side’s Bondi Road will soon be no longer. It’s set to close its doors at the end of this month [...]

Hayley Chapman (L) and Jasmine De Main (R), two-thirds of the Barbie Babes

If you watched the season 3 premiere of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, you will have noticed one team with a distinctly down under theme. The Barbie Babes are three Aussie ladies who are currently competing on the show in hopes of winning a food truck of their own and kick-starting their business.

Paddle Pops in a box, with the popular Paddle Pop Lion visible on the bottom left.

[Update - 21 August, 2012] We’ve just been informed that as well as the change in size to the Paddle Pop, Streets have also just announced that the banana flavour recipe has changed. According to Streets, it’s for nutritional reasons: vegetable oil is gone from the ingredients, and the Paddle Pops now contain about 27% [...]

AussieMite is an Australian-made and Australian-owned yeast extract spread. Source:

We’re happy little AussieMites indeed. As the case for an Aussie-made, home-grown product expands in Australia, one family-owned company has decided to take matters into their own hands, creating a refined, gluten-free, rich-tasting yeast extract called AussieMite. And, most importantly, it’s 100% Australian made and owned. According to a piece on, the product has [...]

Waltzing Matilda's pavlova is topped with kiwis, strawberries, and a healthy dose of passionfruit.

Lamingtons. Caramel slice. Vanilla slice. Anzac biscuits. A perfect pavlova. It’s enough to make a homesick Australian’s mouth water. And water it did, when Laura Epstein Forer, owner of Waltzing Matilda’s bakery in New York City, came by recently with a selection of her treats for us to sample.

Sausage Rolls, cooked on the grill. Photo by Michelle Lackey

Fourth of  July – America’s Independence Day – is next Wednesday, and since it falls mid-week this year, many have chosen to extend celebrations to the weekend before or after the day. To help us put a uniquely Aussie twist on the celebrations, we enlisted Aussie Michelle Lackey, of competitive BBQ team Hog it Up BBQ, [...]