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The following information comes to us this morning from The Australian Consulate-General, Chicago, and we felt it was important that we spread the word:

Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy ask Hillary Clinton questions during her global town hall.

On the eve of her retirement as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton offered people around the world the opportunity to ask her questions as part of a Global Town Hall on Tuesday. Hosted by Australian journalist Leigh Sales, the Town Hall attracted a multitude of questions and important commentary. Those interested can view the Town [...]

Aerial shot of Sydney's 2013 fireworks as televised by Sky News

The countdown is over, and 2013 has begun. And as we return to the normal grind (and for most of us, sub-zero temperatures), here’s something to keep the moment alive: The 2013 New Year Fireworks in your Aussie city. What better excuse to count down and pop the bubbly again? Melbourne’s 2013 Fireworks: Perth’s 2013 [...]

Great Southern Land

It’s a 30 year old Aussie classic written by Iva Davies on a plane to England in 1981, and Tourism Australia is celebrating “Great Southern Land” with a new video.

Melbourne CBD

Melbourne has claimed the top spot on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking of the world’s most liveable cities for the second year running. The annual survey judges 140 cities based on various factors such as crime rates, access to healthcare, political and social stability, diversity, cultural events, education, and infrastructure. This year four Australian cities [...]

Sarah Monahan today. Photograph via Facebook.

This morning, reports emerged that Robert Hughes, who played father Martin Kelly on popular 80′s Aussie TV show “Hey Dad!”, was arrested in London following a two year investigation into child sex crimes. One of the alleged victims was Sarah Monahan, who played his young daughter Jenny on the show. The arrest came following the [...]

YSL Parachute Tote

Find a gift for friends and family back home easily with our monthly gift ideas column

Airplane Card Holder, AUD $25

Its time to show your loved ones back in Oz born between June 22 and July 22 that overseas does not mean overlooked! Gift giving is a great way to strengthen relationships, especially if you are an expat and so The Art of Gift Giving have utilised their specialised knowledge to compile this Gift Guide for [...]

Melbourne Earthquake survivors have told of soft drinks falling and 30 seconds of light-to-medium vertigo. Thankfully it was not worse.

Largest Earthquake In a Century Hits Melbourne A 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck Melbourne, Victoria yesterday. The quake, which lasted 30 – 40 seconds, hit around 8:55am and was felt from Wangaratta to Harrietville.

photo credit: David Clare/Vivid Sydney

If you’ve been seeing some amazing pictures of Sydney’s buildings and attractions up in lights lately, there’s no need to adjust your eyes. Since late May, Sydney’s been lit up and the city’s taken on new hues thanks to a program called Vivid Sydney. The event opened with a sold-out performance at the Opera House [...]