It’s almost that time where friends gather and barrackers flock to bars to scream and shout for their favorite Australian Football League or National Rugby League team in the Grand Final.

Former AFL star Warwick Capper, and his glorious mullet. // Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

The AFL Grand Final. The last time I had the good fortune to be at the event, soaking up the sun at the city end of the MCG, was 2006. I was there to watch the Swans go for back-to-back premierships. Short story: they lost. And I stood there in the fading light and cried. [...]

The Australian Olympic Logo, via the Australian Olympic Team Facebook page.

For my fellow Australians in the USA, this has been a particularly frustrating Olympics. We started out excited to cheer on the Aussies, secure in the knowledge that Australia has enjoyed almost two decades of Olympic success.

The Australian Olympic Team at the Olympic Village in London. Picture via Australian Olympic Team Facebook Page

With the Olympics upon us, we’ve put together a complete guide to watching the Olympics in the USA: how to watch it, how to get Aussie commentary, an events schedule and more!

Basketball Roundup

So far this summer there have been a few developments with Australian born players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Read all about the positive and the numbskullery right here.

Sam Stosur at the 2009 US Open. Credit: Wikipedia

If waking up at 5.30 am is the sort of thing you’re used to doing when living in United States – you know, to join the rest of the gym-going crowd before you brave the local Starbucks queue (oh the joy in being able to write queue for a general-public audience!) – then perhaps you’ve [...]

Patty Mills Shirt for Charity

As the San Antonio Spurs cruise their way through the National Basketball Association playoffs in chase of their first championship since 2006 and fifth in the past 12 years, Aussie Patty Mills is enjoying the ride. But in addition to helping his team, the point guard is also giving back to his home country.

The State of Origin, which takes place tomorrow morning, will be watched by all creatures - great and small.

Game one of the State of Origin, the epic NRL battle between the Blues (NSW) and the Maroons (QLD) takes place Wednesday morning, 5:30am ET (2:30am PT) in the USA. In case you don’t know (or have forgotten), the series pits the two classic rivals against each other in a 3-match battle usually split between [...]

Kyrie Irving and Ryan Hollins: photo by Sammy Wloszczowski

Tomorrow, the last regular season individual award given out by the National Basketball Association will be presented to Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers according to an NBA insider. The 20-year old Irving, who was born in Melbourne, is the current face of the Cavaliers franchise which is still trying to overcome the loss of [...]

Brookvale Oval: Photo by Rafe Baron

The National Rugby League’s Melbourne Storm are coming to the USA in October to play a match against the United States national team the Tomahawks. The date will be October 13, the end of the Storm’s season, and it’s going to happen either in New York or Philadelphia.