NFL (gridiron)

The New York Jets have signed Australian rugby player Hayden Smith as a tight end prospect according to his personal coach Tim Brewster Hayden. Though Australian-born, Smith has been representing the United States Rugby team of late, including in the World Cup, and has also played rugby professionally in England. He has also previously played basketball in the US [...]

The Superbowl - not just about football

Whether you’ve been in the States for a few years or a few months, you’ll know that the Super Bowl far surpasses all other sporting events as THE event of the year. And whether you have the lucky task of hosting a game day party or you’ll be heading over to some friends, we’ve put [...]

Superbowl time means a few things - one of them is wings

Everyone in the USA is going a little stir-crazy over the NFL, which can only mean one thing: Superbowl is near. Let’s take a moment to check in on some of the ins-and-outs of the NFL playoffs.