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Those of us who came of age in Australia around the turn of the millenium will remember fondly the plethora of great Aussie bands of the time. One such band was george, the band that Katie Noonan started with her brother, Tyrone Noonan.


The Melbourne Cup will air in the USA on Monday, November 5 2012. Find out where in the USA you can attend an official Melbourne Cup event, and how to watch it live yourself at home.


Now that Summer has officially hit the USA, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors, and part of that is music and festivals under the sun and stars. For those in New York and Los Angeles, outdoor music has a distinctly Aussie flavour this summer – with two music festivals enjoying strictly Australian lineups.

Kasey Chambers will headline this year's Australia Rocks the Pier concert in Santa Monica, CA

Aussie musicians: you could have a chance to perform in front of 12,000 people at Santa Monica Pier. This year’s show, part of the Twilight concert series, will headline Kasey Chambers, and there is a slot open for a deserving Aussie band. The rules don’t stipulate whether you have to be based in the USA [...]