Watch the Official Trailer for the New Kath & Kim Movie, Kath & Kimderella

by on August 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Aussie favourites Kath and Kim will return this year in their feature-length film, “Kath & Kimderella”

It’s the Aussie favourite that sadly bombed in the USA, but don’t lose hope just yet. Kath & Kim (in their original Aussie flavour) are set to hit the big screen later this year in “Kath & Kimderella”

The Australian release of the movie, which follows characters Kath Day-Knight (Jane Turner) and Kim Craig (Gina Riley) as they travel to Italy (far away from Fountain Lakes) on what Riley describes as a ‘fractured fairtytale.’

No word yet on a US release, but we can only hope that the small cult following the show enjoys among US audiences could lead to at least a limited run in theatres Stateside.