Weekly Gossip: Football and Fashion – The Superbowl Edition

by on February 3, 2012 · 0 comments

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It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday! Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of football. In fact, I wouldn’t watch a football game if they were playing it in my backyard. I can’t sit through anything that packs an hour of excitement into three hours. I tune in for the commercials. Every year, A list TV, and even a few movie stars, come up with new and exciting ways to sell us everything from Doritos to car insurance, they get better every year! For those few minutes I am glued.

Because the quarterback of the New England Patriots is married to super model Giselle Bundchen, I know the Patriots will be playing. They are squaring off against The New York Giants. Their quarterback, Eli Manning, has never dated anyone famous that I’ve gossiped about, so I had to google it. Our football teams could take a page from the AFL, at least you can see the players. That’s a game I would watch beginning to end.

This year at the halftime show, Madonna will be blessing us with her presence. Rumor has it that she’s holding grueling twelve hour rehearsals for overly elaborate dance numbers for songs that are at least a decade old. I can’t decide if she’s trying to distract us from the fact she hasn’t had a hit since, well, I can’t remember when, or that she has yet another movie that’s about to flop. Two Bowls ago they booked The Who and that’s what everyone under 35 said, WHO? Is everyone with a current top 10 hit booked? They used to be a “must see” now they are a good time to see if there’s any chip dip left.

I have tried, really tried, to like football. I even watched a game on purpose, I bought a jersey and everything. I don’t think it was a jersey for either of the teams that were actually playing, but the use of color was fantastic. Fashion first, always. When they stopped the game for ten minutes to argue over three seconds on the time clock, they lost me. True story.

I like the IDEA of Super Bowl Sunday: The gridiron frenzy, the rivalry and comradery, the festive cheese plates, if only I liked the game. Oh well, I’ll just wait for the commercials.