Weekly Gossip: The Second Coming of Charlie Sheen

by on February 17, 2012 · 1 comment

Charlie Sheen is still on the drug called Charlie Sheen.

I woke up this morning to two glorious words: “Ashton Sucks”. With that I knew “The Great One” was back.

There are moments in life we will never forget. One of mine was the moment I bought a ticket aboard the Charlie Sheen crazy train. He was going off the rails and I was going with him. He was a rock star from Mars and I was his roadie. I quoted his “tiger blood” catch phrases, I watched all five hundred of his television interviews, I even watched his Internet show. Once.

As a gossip reporter I could not have wished for anything more, it was an unraveling at the most glorious level complete with goddesses and a road trip.

Then, all was quiet on the Western Los Angeles front. Just when it seemed Charlie, who once said he rode a tsuanami on a mercury surfboad (the dude’s a poet) was at peace, Warner Brothers, the production company of Two and a Half Men, sent Charlie a cease and desist order. Those may work on mere mortals, but not on “the chosen one”, the one with Adonis DNA.

Sheen. Has. Risen.

Charlie was using photos from Men to promote his new show Anger Management, to which the brothers at Warner took exception. Usually this is a professional courtesy that is common in the industry, but since their parting was neither professional or courteous, the anger was hard to manage. Now my excitement is hard to contain!

Once again Charlie is flinging insults at Ashton, the show, the writers and anyone else he doesn’t deem “bi-winning”. (You have to be a true devote to get that last one). The sequel is rarely better than the original but like Godfather Two, Sheen Two could be epic. The crazy train is once again pulling out of the station. All aboard!!!